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Brisbane Wedding Registry Photography 2024 Guide

Updated: May 13

brisbane wedding photography
Brisbane Weddings

Unlocking the Magic: A Guide to Your Brisbane Marriage Registry Experience

Embarking on the journey of marriage at the Brisbane Marriage Registry is a memorable step towards forever. Having had the privilege of capturing the essence of over 85 weddings at this cherished venue since 2017, I've crafted this guide to illuminate your path and ease your planning process. Getting your Brisbane Wedding Photography 2024 sorted will ease your mind!

Location and Ambience:

Tucked away on the 32nd floor of the iconic '180 Brisbane' building, nestled in the vibrant heart of the CBD at 180 Ann Street, lies the Brisbane Marriage Registry. As you ascend to this celestial space, you'll be greeted by awe-inspiring views that paint the perfect backdrop for your special day. Standing tall at over 150 meters with 34 stories, this architectural marvel boasts a six-star energy rating, a testament to its modernity and sustainability. Among its prestigious tenants are major names like Commonwealth Bank, Origin Energy, and the Queensland Government's Registry of Births, Deaths, and Marriages.

Costs and Times (likely to change):

Let's talk logistics. The pricing for your registry service may fluctuate, but as of November 2023, here's the breakdown:

- Monday - Friday, 9.30AM–4.00PM: $384.10

- Saturday 9.30AM–4.00PM: $499.40

- Saturday Evenings: $658.50

Keep in mind, these prices exclude the standard marriage certificate, unless you opt for an evening ceremony.

Value Proposition:

Why choose the registry? Well, beyond its scenic allure and prime location, it's a cost-effective gem. Unlike the intricate choreography of hiring an independent celebrant, which can set you back anywhere from $500 to $1000 on average (sans venue!), the registry provides an all-inclusive package that's light on the wallet. Plus, forget the hassle of sourcing your own celebrant — it's all taken care of.

The Ceremony:

Picture this: a ceremony that's elegant in its simplicity, devoid of unnecessary frills and fuss. Whether you're seeking a streamlined affair or aiming to sidestep the unpredictable whims of Mother Nature, the registry offers the promise of a seamless experience, rain or shine. And with Brisbane's penchant for outdoor venues, that's a peace of mind worth its weight in gold.

The Magic of Moments:

Reflecting on the sheer volume of weddings hosted by the Brisbane Marriage Registry in 2019, I consider myself fortunate to have captured a mere fraction of these love stories each year. Yet, within every frame lies the essence of romance, the promise of forever, and the magic of two souls intertwining amidst the bustling energy of Brisbane's urban landscape.

brisbane registry wedding photography

Parking Tips for Brisbane Marriage Registry

Forget Wilson Parking at 160 Ann Street, it's for monthly parking only. Opt for Secure Parking at 179 Turbot Street, just 100 meters from the registry. Book online for discounted rates, starting from $21 for afternoon parking. Be cautious of the narrow ramps and limited visibility in the car park, especially on levels 5, 6, and 7. Plan for an extra 15 minutes to park and exit. Remember, the entrance is from the far right lane on Turbot Street.

Misinformation Alert: Guests do not need to pass through a security checkpoint or show ID, but witnesses must be over 18 and provide ID. You must use the registry's celebrant, but you can bring your own music.

Other Options:

- Post Office Square: Ideal for weekday weddings, meet guests on Ann Street.

- King George Square Car Park: Cheaper rates after 4:30 PM on weekdays and all day Saturday. Be mindful of two entrances: 87 Roma Street and 115 Adelaide Street.

Stay informed and plan ahead for a hassle-free parking experience!

Wickham Terrace Car Park: Convenient Parking Option

Located just 260 meters from the registry, Wickham Terrace Car Park is a viable choice for weekday parking (and the closest option on weekends). With rates around $25 for up to two hours, it's sometimes cheaper than Secure Parking at 179 Turbot Street, though pricier than street parking.

Finding the entrance can be tricky, but entering "Sofitel Hotel" into Google Maps will lead you directly to it. The car park entrance is located on the left-hand side of the hotel, marked by a "CAR PARK OPEN" sign.

When using navigation systems, inputting the Sofitel's address (249 Turbot Street) will guide you accurately. Enter from the left-hand lane on Turbot Street.

Note that pedestrian exits are near the lifts, which can be slow. Opt for parking on Level 1 or Level 5 for easier access. During office hours, finding a spot may be challenging, so allow extra time (at least 20 minutes) to secure a spot and reach the registry on schedule.

Celebrants and Ceremony at Brisbane Marriage Registry: A Quick Overview


The celebrants and staff at Brisbane Marriage Registry have consistently been warm and friendly, adding to the positive atmosphere of weddings. While the time allotted for each ceremony is brief (about 30 minutes), there's no rush, and staff ensure everything runs smoothly. Occasionally, celebrants may not step aside for the first kiss due to time constraints, leading to half-framed photos. To remedy this, couples can opt to linger for an encore.


At the registry, ceremonies start promptly after guest entry, leaving little time for adjustments. Photographers should be prepared beforehand, ensuring they're ready to capture key moments like the processional without delay. With the ceremony typically lasting 4 to 6 minutes, photographers must be agile to document everything effectively. Couples can choose to walk down the aisle or proceed directly to the front, with music options available upon request. After the ceremony, couples sign marriage certificates with designated witnesses, concluding the formal proceedings.

Outdoor Couples Portraits: Location Tips

After the ceremony, finding the perfect spot for couples portraits can be a challenge. While the main lobby and outdoor areas on the property are off-limits, nearby streets like Ann, Turbot, and Edward offer accessible options.

Recommended Locations:

- Rock Wall Opposite the Registry: On Saturdays, this spot offers soft, flattering light, especially in the shade. During weekdays, be prepared for crowded motorcycle parking.

- Roma Street Parklands: A 10-minute walk from the registry, offering picturesque backdrops and greenery. Ideal for extended portraits, but plan for the weather and wear comfortable shoes.

- Wickham Park and King Edward Park: Closer options, but fairly ordinary for photography.

- Former Queensland University Dental College Entrance: Quirky and practical for quick portraits, with no interruptions from foot traffic.

Timing and Lighting:

For the best lighting, schedule portraits around 90 minutes before sunset. Aim to finish the ceremony about 2 hours before sunset for optimal lighting conditions.

When planning your post-ceremony portraits, Roma Street Parklands is the top recommendation, offering stunning backdrops and ample photo opportunities.


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