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Welcome to Matthew Langa Event Photography, your premier Australian-owned event photography business nestled in the breathtaking Gold Coast. Our mission is clear: to deliver exceptional results that make a lasting impression on you and your guests. We understand the significance of preserving memories and event highlights for years to come, and we're dedicated to achieving this with our expertise and unwavering commitment.

Our comprehensive event photography services ensure no moment goes unnoticed, meticulously documenting every aspect of your conference. Here's how Gold Coast Event Photography stands out:

Our team is there from start to finish, capturing every essential moment - from opening remarks to key presentations, panel discussions, networking sessions, and gala dinners.

With a keen eye for candid moments, we excel at capturing natural interactions, emotions, and excitement among attendees, speakers, and participants.

We prioritize capturing the essence of keynote speakers, ensuring their engaging moments on stage and impactful messages are preserved for your records. Additionally, we focus on highlighting the presence and significance of attendees in our photography.

Choose Gold Coast Event Photography for unparalleled professionalism and excellence in event documentation. Let us help you create timeless memories that authentically reflect the essence of your Gold Coast event.

At Matthew Langa Event Photography, we specialize in capturing the essence of your event's networking sessions, where attendees mingle, share ideas, and forge valuable connections.

Our photographs vividly portray the vibrant and collaborative atmosphere, showcasing the energy and synergy among participants. Let us immortalize these moments of interaction and camaraderie, ensuring your event's essence is preserved for years to come.

At Gold Coast Event Photography, we prioritize capturing the essence of your event's awards and recognitions during conferences or gala dinners. Our team ensures swift and efficient coverage of these joyous moments and celebrations of achievements, seamlessly keeping your event running smoothly. Additionally, if desired, we can photograph the venue and event setup before the conference begins, highlighting the meticulous attention to detail that creates a welcoming atmosphere after months of planning. Trust us to preserve these significant aspects of your event with professionalism and precision.


For your special occasions, whether they be private parties, birthday celebrations, corporate functions, or Christmas gatherings, our professional photography services are tailored to meet your needs. Our rate is $180 per hour with a minimum booking of 3 hours, encompassing comprehensive sorting and editing of photos using Lightroom. Additionally, we provide hassle-free photo file transfers to a server accessible to your guests for complimentary downloading within 5-7 business days. For urgent requests, we offer a 24-hour service at an additional cost.

Enhancing your event experience, we offer video services including audio recordings, capturing heartfelt moments and greetings from guests. This can include intimate 'interviews' or footage with special birthday celebrants and family members, serving as timeless mementos to cherish for years. Should you desire a cohesive video encapsulating these moments and the event's ambiance, our team will dedicate a minimum of 3 additional hours for production. Additional edits, whether for video or photos, are available at a rate of $180 per hour.

With our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to capturing the essence of your event, let us elevate your occasions into cherished memories to be treasured for a lifetime.





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